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WE ARE ALL ASTONISHINGLY WISE is an experimental oracle designed for an intuitive reckoning of uncertain times. Your card, drawn for you from a deck of 48, forms a unique divinatory prompt to offer a fresh understanding of your current moment. 

I’ve invited two Art Witches to interpret these cards, in the hopes that their intuitive skills can be of service to you in your search for clarity, but I also invite you to trust your own gut response: how might these scraps of poetic text help you understand your own situation? When order crumbles, everything can be an oracle; courting transrational understandings of our experience can help us in our quest to undermine the toxic foundations of the old world.

Heading that reads "The project" in hand-painted emerald green capital letters

This project has been generously supported by the City of Sydney

A circular orange logo with the words CITY ART
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